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If you’re researching water softener companies and trying to determine which one will provide you with the best value on a new water or air treatment system, your search can end with KY Water & Air. We are the exclusive dealer of RainSoft products in Georgetown, Kentucky, which means we’re the only company to turn to for the industry’s best-performing water and air treatment systems. We’re proud to offer truly comprehensive solutions and can address any concerns with your home’s water and air quality. Our products include:

Water Conditioners

KY Water & Air offers multiple water softening systems to suit your needs including the EC4 and EC5 water conditioners as well as the TC-M system. These water conditioners are designed to effectively eliminate problematic minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, which cause hard water. With one of our systems installed, you’ll enjoy spotlessly clean dishes, less mineral buildup in tubs and showers, cleaner feeling skin after bathing, and luxuriously soft clothing out of the wash.

Drinking-Water Filters

The drinking-water systems we install, including RainSoft’s advanced Ultrefiner II, feature multi-state filtration to remove even microscopic particles that can negatively affect the taste and odor of drinking water. With one of these systems installed, you can simply turn on the tap to get fresh, great-tasting water that is perfect for drinking and cooking.

Problem-Solving Filters

As your water softener company, KY Water & Air can address the specific problems you’re experiencing with your home’s water. For example, we offer a whole-home carbon filtration system to eliminate problematic contaminants, such as chlorine, that negatively affect the taste of your home’s water. Additionally, we offer a UV filtration system to kill bacteria and viruses as well as a rust and sulfur removal system.

Laundry Systems

RainSoft’s CleanStart® laundry system injects a small amount of ozone into each wash cycle that, when agitated in the wash, becomes a powerful cleansing agent that disinfects and deodorizes. Say goodbye to throwing away money on harsh detergents that wear out your clothing over time.

Air Filtration Systems

The AirMaster Ultra™ system from RainSoft is installed in your home’s ductwork and uses a powerful combination of ozone and UV light to eliminate contaminants and neutralize odors. If your home can’t accommodate this system, don’t worry. We also offer the stand-up Clean Station air filter with a 360-degree air entry design that can be installed anywhere in the home.

Service You Can Count On

KY Water & Air’s team consists of experienced specialists who can help you choose the right RainSoft product for your needs and budget. Our expert technicians can also install it the same or next day, so you can start enjoying the benefits of better quality water and air as soon as possible. And, we’ll be here to provide any future service you require, such as UV bulb replacement, filter changes, repairs, and more.

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