Effective Drinking Water Filtration Systems for Homes in the Lexington, KY, Area

Drinking Water Filtration Systems Lexington KY

If, like most homes in the Lexington, Kentucky, area, your home relies on municipally treated water, you’ve likely noticed that its taste is far from ideal. In fact, many homeowners find it downright unsuitable for drinking and cooking. The reason for this is that tap water often carries residual treatment chemicals, such as chlorine. So, does that mean you’ll need to throw money away on bottled water and temporary filtration pitchers forever? Not when you turn to KY Water & Air. We proudly install RainSoft’s Ultrefiner II water filtration system that provides ingredient-quality water straight from the tap.

High-Performance Filtration

The Ultrefiner II drinking water filtration system uses multi-stage filtration. First, water passes through a carbon block sediment pre-filter that removes chlorine and other particles as small as 10 microns. Water then flows into a membrane cartridge that provides molecular-level filtration, removing inorganic solids. Finally, water is filtered through a carbon block sediment post-filter, which dramatically reduces volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The result? An endless supply of fresh, great-tasting water that is perfect for drinking and cooking.

Comprehensive Solutions from KY Water & Air

The Ultrefiner II drinking water filtration system provides industry-leading performance that lasts a lifetime. At KY Water & Air, we not only provide expert installations, but also any ongoing service that our customers require. For example, we can arrange salt delivery, perform repairs, provide filter changes, and anything else you might need to keep your drinking water filter operating at peak performance.

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