A Whole-House Water Filter Improves Water Quality Throughout Your Lexington, KY, Area Home

Whole-House Water Filter Lexington KY

Homeowners in the Lexington, Kentucky, area that rely on municipally supplied water often find the taste and odor to be a little off. There can be a variety of reasons for this, but the most likely explanation is that the water is being treated with chlorine. This makes it safe to drink, but can have a negative impact on flavor and smell. Instead of being stuck in an endless cycle of buying bottled water, contact the experts at KY Water & Air for a whole-house water filter that will improve water quality throughout your home.

About Our Whole-House Water Filters

KY Water & Air installs whole-home carbon filtration systems from the celebrated brand RainSoft. This water filter has best-in-class features, such as tank-in-tank construction, and uses activated carbon to significantly reduce chlorine in municipally treated water. Additionally, it is also designed to remove a wide array of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), such as benzene, to make your water safer to drink and bathe in.

When you turn to KY Water & Air for a whole-house water filter, you’ll have a variety of options to choose from to suit your specific needs and budget. For example, you can select from two distinct filter media. This includes the HYSULEX™—a highly activated carbon with enormous surface area to absorb compounds that negatively affect water taste and odor. Or, if your home’s water is particularly rife with chlorine and VOCs, we can use the SUPER HYSULEX™ that has greater absorption capacity thanks to its incredibly porous, silver-impregnated carbon.

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As home water treatment specialists, KY Water & Air is here to help you choose the ideal whole-house water filter. Rest assured you’ll enjoy year after year of great-tasting water throughout your home. You can also have complete peace of mind, as your filtration system will be backed by a limited lifetime warranty. And, we’ll be here to provide any service you require, such as filter changes, in the future.

Contact KY Water & Air today to learn more about our exceptional whole-house water filters and to schedule a free water test at your home in the Lexington, KY, area.

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