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Do you have concerns about the water and air quality in your home in Nicholasville, Kentucky? You’re certainly not alone. When it comes to your home’s water, you’ve likely noticed an array of issues including mineral deposits on sinks, tubs, and clean dishes, and even irritated skin after bathing. You may drink your tap water only if there’s no other alternative. And, when it comes to home air quality, some estimates show that indoor air is 40 times dirtier than outside.

At KY Water & Air, we understand that you want the best for your family. As your water softener and air treatment company, we provide permanent solutions to your concerns.

Our Water & Air Treatment Products

KY Water & Air has partnered with the industry-leading brand RainSoft to provide effective solutions for virtually any water or air quality problem you’re having. As your water softener company, we can provide:

  • Water conditioning systems that remove problematic calcium and magnesium from your water
  • Whole-home water filters that eliminate volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and improve water quality throughout the home
  • Drinking water filters that remove chlorine left over from the municipal treatment process, thereby providing great-tasting water straight from the tap
  • Problem-solving water filters for well systems that eliminate iron and sulfur
  • UV water disinfection systems that kill microorganisms to protect your family’s health
  • Ozone laundry systems that use water and controlled amounts of ozone to clean and deodorize clothing without harsh detergents
  • Air filtration systems that neutralize odors and eliminate contaminants through a combination of ozone and UV light

Better Service, Better Results

KY Water & Air is an experienced water softener company that has earned the trust of countless homeowners in Nicholasville. When you turn to us, you’ll not only receive a premium product from RainSoft that is backed by a limited lifetime warranty, but also industry-leading service from experts who will prioritize your satisfaction above all else. We offer free water tests, same- or next-day installation, and any service, such a filter changes, bulb replacement, and salt delivery, that you require in the future.

Contact KY Water & Air today for more information about what sets us apart from other air treatment and water softener companies serving Nicholasville, KY.

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